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Want to pick a wedding ring but was still confused by the many choices of models available in the jewelry store? Let’s look at this review so you can find the right choice in the following 11 tips.

  1. Narrow your choice

Make a list of questions for you and your partner about the wedding ring before see the collections available. You can start with questions such as the type of the desired metal, simple models, unique or luxurious, to do you both want the ornaments such as diamond or gemstone on the ring frame. The list of questions like this will help you and Si He eliminated and pursing options.

  1. Consider buying an engagement ring and wedding ring at once

If you already have an engagement ring, this does not apply. However, knowing the ring model is quite compatible with your engagement ring, will be helpful in making decisions. For example, an engagement ring with a pear-shaped diamond that is unique to be combined with models wedding ring simple and splashy. For example, combining solitaire engagement rings with wedding bands enthroned small diamonds.

  1. Start your search early

When you already have a basic idea about the choice of wedding ring, it’s time to try to spend some time at least two or three months before your wedding date to search, compare prices and look back collection of rings that interest you and your partner. Especially if you want to design your own wedding ring, or add engraving. Usually it will take up to a month or more.

  1. Mix It Up!

You and your partner may have a choice of different metals to order your wedding ring. Do not worry about these differences. On the contrary, it can help make the ring feels more personal. You can request a sample collection of wedding ring that combines two different types of metals, for example ring braided bands of white gold with yellow gold accents. Or, you and Si She can wear a wedding ring with different metals to taste but by finding a harmonious aspect to one another, such as adding the same engraving or fit one another.

  1. Set your budget

Prepare 3% of the wedding budget as a budget of your wedding rings and Si Dia. Compare prices and price order simple ring ring that had been given specific details. Modify the ring according to your tastes, such as adding or installing diamond engraving, it will cost much more.

  1. Remember your lifestyle

Avoid wasting your money to buy a wedding ring is gorgeous, high-priced but not comfortable to wear, or must often be removed because of the demands of the activity. Remember one important thing: You’ll wear the ring every day, so choose the wedding ring that can be part of your lifestyle. You and your partner can choose a ring model commonly called a comfort fit slim with rounded sides. Ring with the kind of solid metal without decoration gemstones or intricate carvings would be comfortable to wear when working on something that always use a hand like cooking. While this type of platinum metals suitable for the super active activity because of its durability, especially from scratch.

  1. Do not rush when selecting

Maybe you are interested and want to buy a type of braided rings rose gold ring or a diamond eternity band, but it’s good when looking around the ring with the other models. Talk to an expert jewelry and let them give you advice according to your preferences. Remember also that comfort is important. Try wearing the ring for a few moments, then use to write or type a comfort test.

  1. Thinking long term

In addition to the trendy, you need to make sure that the wedding ring of your choice can be used until decades later, still comfortable and suitable for all kinds of activities, be it meetings, social events and others. However, do not get too dizzy because you always have the time to upgrade the wedding ring later.

  1. Consider the problem of care

Taking into account the very important issue jewels treatment. Moreover, the wedding ring is a ring that will be worn every day. Select the model and the type of metal by means of daily care are easy to do yourself like a gold ring.

  1. Find the right size

Usage wedding ring tended constantly; from one season to another season, during pregnancy, at work, when the body temperature is hot, cold, and when sweating. Choose a fitting final time when you are in a state of calm and normal body temperature. This means you can not do it in the morning, or after exercise and the body temperature is hot or cold.

  1. Check the quality

Quality checks are not only applicable to a wedding ring but also all kinds of rings. Make sure the ring you choose has at least two marks on the inside: a sign of the ring maker and a sign of quality such as PLAT or 24 K.