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Memorable Portraits And Photos By way of The Ages

On the 7th of December 1941 at 7:53 am Japanese warplanes attacked the American fleet as it lay at anchor in Pearl Harbor, the Naval base in Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. The harm left Pearl harbor in ruins, the Arizona, was totally destroyed, the Oklahoma capsized, the Nevada, California and West Virginia had been sunk at their moorings 3 other battleships, three cruisers and three destroyers and many other craft also suffered damage, 169 American aircraft were destroyed and yet another 150 broken primarily on the ground, 2403 Americans were killed and 1176 folks were wounded.

It’s accurate that significantly misinformation flies in wikis and biased media, until somebody that was THERE (or their ancestors have been and left their diaries) corrects it. Youth can see these issues in our museums at Pearl Harbor and Wright Patterson in Ohio. Because Pearl Harbor is nonetheless an active military base, security …