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A Guide to Bracelets and Bangles

Most women like wearing jewelry for fashion purposes but what most people do not know is that the type of jewelry that you wear says a lot about your lifestyle and personality. There are thousands of designs and styles to choose from when it comes to the jewelry bracelets and bangles. This kind of jewelry comes in many sizes and in addition, the style and design of the bracelets and bangles that a person is wearing highly speaks about her. Some of the most common bracelet designs will be discussed in this article and what they mean.

The Celtic bracelet is one of the most commonly used type of bracelet which is widely known for the connection that is has with nature. This type of bracelet may come in silver or gold bracelet but one thing that don’t alter is the feature knot work and nature motif that they have as base design. It is known that a woman that enjoys wearing bracelets that have a Celtic design has a strong connection with nature and that she has a deep connection with the past. In addition to this, such woman might also have an artistic bent, a high level of imagination, and a romantic.

For the type of bracelet that comes in a typical style, we have the charm bracelet which comes in either gold or silver. The charm bracelets can be made more special by attaching the tiny charms that can come in thousands of designs. This type of bracelet makes it possible to completely personalize the accessory because the person wearing it will be the one to decide what tiny charm design she want on her charm bracelet. A woman that like to wear a charm bracelet is said to be a person that has an imaginative and creative mind that enjoys showing her real self in various ways.
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The slim bangle is another type of bracelet which is often perceived as the image of a gyps woman that comes in a colorful clothing and has an untamed spirit. An enchanting feel is being given out by the slim bangles as they clink together when the person wearing it moves. It is said that a woman that like to wear a slim and silver bangle is a person that is proud of her self for being a woman and has a free spirit as well.
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There are many other different styles that you can choose from when it comes to bracelets and bangles as jewelry. There are a lot of other styles that comes in silver bangles or silver bracelets that will surely be attractive to you. The type of bracelet that you like wearing says a few things about you which is why some designs will be attractive for you.