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All About LuLaRoe Company Have you already encountered the company called the LuLaRoe?Are you familiar with the LuLaRoe Company? If not, let me introduce the company to you. The company called LuLaRoe started in 2014. The founder is previously network marketer turned into a fashion entrepreneur, namely DeAnne Stidham. The primary focus of the company is to aid people by selling trendy and fashionable clothing and give additional income to fashion consultants. You can locate LuLaRoe on the following social networking sites; Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. This is their kind of marketing strategy since people are hooked on using these sites. LuLaRoe is not like your ordinary fashion brand. This is because they use unique materials and textile designs. Their styles include skirts, dresses and leggings for women and teens. Their clothes can fit to all types of body. They also provide washing instructions to keep the clothes looking good.
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So you might be interested to this type of business, here are the ways on how to start.
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First, you will be needing around $4,500-$6,500 as your startup capital to carry inventories, or depending on how much clothing you want to carry out. There are around 250-450 style pieces each available in different sizes. The business kit includes: thank you cards, hanger, flyers, catalogs, fabric swatches, promotional materials, training booklet, hardbound spiral planner for the year and sign in sheets. You need to sign the application and agreement either online or in paper. Then you have to scan and send it to the company may be through fax or email with the voided check to make it official. After that, fill out the onboarding checklist as the initial order where you can choose the 275-350 pieces of clothes to start your business immediately. You may sell online and have your pop-up parties on Instagram, Periscope and Google Hangouts. Many young teens and women out there are fond of fashion and trends so this business will surely click and will be a great avenue for earning. Some LuLaRoe consultants are earning large income because the have downline sales team to earn faster. Some of them uses leveraging internet marketing. You can also use this kind of system for the business. And surely, you will get fantastic results. Some are putting large investments so as a result, they earn higher in sales. They get orders online through mail or their pop-up party. Then the product will be packaged and mailed to the customer. The transaction is just as easy as that. With this, you will cost on shipping, handling and sales tax. But these costs are so small in comparison to the money you will be getting in exchange. Apply to LuLaRoe and never miss the opportunity of earning big.